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Windows are a paramount element of any building or project, and their importance has only been magnified in recent years as peoples’ desire for access to natural light has increased. Data from recent studies has proved what business executives and homemakers have known for years – light and privacy matter.

Innovative Shading’s¬†Turnkey¬†Solutions eclipse every aspect of your window treatment needs from evaluation, design, assembly, installment, synchronization, automation and maintenance. Make Innovative Shading your trusted partner in finding solutions for your next project and discover why we are Florida’s choice for custom shading solutions.


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A Note on Craftsmanship

There are over 7 billion people in the world, and as a result of advances in manufacturing technology, most of those people operate a single, segmented step in a supply chain and have little investment to provide exceptional value to their business’ customers.

We are blessed to be one of the few truly craftsman businesses left. We interact with our products from conception of the design to our custom assembly, programming, install and maintenance. Over 13 years we’ve found very few businesses that do business like we do and have reaped the benefits of changing people’s lives through shades. We’re confident we can solve your problem in a fast, professional and beautiful way.

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